Video Management Software

WAMA Commander

The entire CCTV operation at your fingertips!!

WAMA Commander is a Windows-based video management platform developed for all WAMA analog and IP video surveillance equipment.  No matter how many locations need to manage and how far these locations are apart, WAMA Commander can help to manage the entire operation smoothly at your fingertips.

WAMA Commander Video Management Software


Central management with an universal GUI

WAMA Commander, NVRs and DVRs all share an universal graphical user interface, which results in a significant saving in the training time for daily operations as well as system commissioning and routine maintenance supports.  In other words, we can ensure the user friendliness as well as save the cost in the overall operations.


320 simultaneous live views

WAMA Commander takes a highly scalable approach in its architectural design.  Each video monitoring window can accommodate 64 live video feeds.  Given that the PC workstation supports multiple displays, up to 320 live views can be displayed neatly on different screens.


Floorplans for friendly operations

It is indeed not an easy task to identify the exact location among hundreds of corridor views showing on one screen.  In order to address this practical issue, WAMA Commander supports building up a set of floorplan for the sites.  Operators can recall a live video feed from an exact camera by clicking the camera icon on a floorplan.

WAMA Commander Video Management Software


Electronic patrol

Too difficult to locate the targeted views out of hundreds of cameras?  WAMA Commander allows creating a number of camera groups according to the actual requirements.  For instance, you can create a view group for all views of the entrances.  Additionally you can create another view group for all views of the cashier desks.  After then WAMA Commander can be programmed among these view groups in a sequence.


Instant video pop-up upon alarm event

Apart from live viewing, WAMA Commander also supports alarm stand-by.  When an external alarm goes off or a video motion is detected, WAMA Commander will generate an alert, take a snapshot, pop up live video from the associated camera hence the operator in the central video surveillance centre will be notified and to respond to the event instantly.

WAMA Commander Video Management Software


Secondary video recording

In some occasions, the on-site video surveillance equipment would be destroyed or stolen in an robbery incident.  In order to avoid losing of  the important video evidence, a WAMA Commander workstation can be set up in a different location for performing off-site video recording through the Internet.


Camera level user authorization

Data security and privacy is always a critical consideration in the design of WAMA Commander.  Administrators can create dedicated accounts for individual users down to the camera level according to their operational requirements.


Detailed logs for professional audit trail

WAMA Commander keeps a complete set of records on all alarm incidents, user operations and system configurations.  All these are important resources in crime scene investigations and continual improvement on the service level of a professional central video surveillance centre.