Latest News

  • A.I. Video Analytics

    Most cameras in the market use motion or object detection in their video analytics, however many false alarms will be generated from misdetection of tree leaves, animals, changes in lighting conditions, shadows, etc... On the hand, the WAMA VS2 series cameras are developed with on-the-chip artificial intelligence technology that perform video analytics on humans and vehicles specifically, performing accurate analytics.

  • Smart Anti-Wandering

    With the acute shortage of caregivers in hospitals and elderly centres, there is a high risk of elderly people with dementia leaving the facilities unattended, causing harm and danger to them. WAMA offers a new smart anti-wandering solution using state-of-the-art face recognition technology.

  • Face Recognition

    Watching video footage back and forth to search for occurrences of a targeted person is certainly a time consuming process. With WAMA face recognition technology, video footage of a targeted person can be searched in just a few clicks.

  • Starlight Vision

    Sony STARVIS is a back-illuminated pixel technology, used in CMOS image sensors for CCTV and industrial camera applications. It has extremely high sensitivity that captures images in very low light environments. WAMA NV2 & NZ3 Series cameras use Sony STARVIS image sensors to deliver outstanding quality videos under the starlight.

  • Panoramic Camera

    The 12MP panoramic camera delivers video streams that are superb in quality, allowing objects in the vicinity to be viewed in great details and under no blind spots. It is a cost-effective solution that provides effective surveillance and situational awareness.