Company Profile

Incorporated by a group of entrepreneurs with solid foundations in the video surveillance industry, WAMA focuses on developing professional CCTV solutions addressing to the mass market’s needs. The company aims to build an ecosystem, in which all participants including channel partners, staff and end users will enjoy the benefits from the business growth. With the synergies created from the WAMA ecosystem, we want to maximize our contributions to the evolution of the video surveillance industry, ultimately our society will be improved with better protection on people’s lives and property.

WAMA Management - 20 Years of Concrete Experience
Management -
20 Years of Concrete Experience

WAMA is a young company but the management team is not new in the field. We have strong expertise in product development, channel relationship management and brand building. With our concrete experience and professional insights in the industry, we have a good understanding on what the market needs and what they don’t. We are devoted to develop a strong WAMA ecosystem in which all participants are synchronized in footsteps and are moving ahead in the correct direction.

WAMA Management - 20 Years of Concrete Experience
Research & Development -
Rapid Development using State-of-the-art Technologies

Time to market is critical for the success of a business in a highly competitive market environment. WAMA possesses a well experienced R&D team who works closely with leading technology providers in the field. We always deliver professional and cost-effective video surveillance solutions by employing state-of-the-art technologies much quicker than others in the marketplace.

WAMA Customer Service - Prompt, Accurate & Efficient
Customer Service -
Prompt, Accurate & Efficient

WAMA places a high priority on our customer services. We strive to deliver prompt and accurate responses in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. It is our continual process to review and improve our customer services so as to maximize the benefits for all participants in the WAMA ecosystem.