Contactless Door Release Buttons

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Capacitance Proximity Technology

Many may not be aware that one of the most bacteria-ridden spots in the office is the door release button, what is more terrifying is that many companies could not tell when was the last time the button was being cleaned or sterilized. WAMA door release button addresses hygiene concerns by using the capacitance proximity technology that allows contactless activation. It does not require any physical contact or pressure on the button to operate. Simply wave your palm within 5cm distance to the button and the door will be released.

Built-in Break Glass

The DR-VT91S / DR-VT94S door release buttons are developed with built-in break glass function. During an emergency, simply hit hard at the center of the button to release the door lock mechanically. The following are the advantages of built-in break glass function:

  • An additional emergency break glass unit is not required
  • Visible and audible alarm will be triggered when activated, providing better indication of the door location in an emergency situation
  • Users' hands will not get cut from breaking glass

Demo Video