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    H.265 Technology

    H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), is a video compression standard developed by the JCT-VC organization.  It is one of the potential succesors to the widely used H.264 (AVC). Comparing to H.264, H.265 offers approximate double the data compression at the same level of video quality.





    P-Iris Technology

    P-Iris is a new mechanism for controlling the brightness of CCTV video. It manipulates multiple parameters, including aperture size, exposure time, electronic amplification, of a camera in order to obtain the optimum video quality against the variation in the lighting condition.




    Starlight Vision

    Sony STARVIS is a back-illuminated pixel technology, used in CMOS image sensors for CCTV and industrial camera applications. It has extremely high sensitivity that captures images in very low light environments. WAMA NV2 & NZ3 Series cameras use Sony STARVIS image sensors to deliver outstanding quality videos under the starlight.



    Video Analytics

    Intelligent CCTV systems are providing greater importance in the safety and security of human lives. With video analytics technology, IP cameras can intelligently analyze real time video footage, detect abnormal events and instantly send alarm notifications to users, all without the need of human involvement.